What Is a Crossbred, Anyway?

Crossbreds, American Warmbloods, partbreds, halfbreds...these names are all synonymous with a light to medium weight riding and driving horse.

Originating long, long ago with Thoroughbreds crossed on heavier horses, present-day crossbreds have evolved into distinctive types.  In other words, crossbreds are a type of horse rather than a breed.

Who We Are

We at White Hall Farm are committed to selecting and breeding athletic, versatile sport horses, with stable, intelligent minds, kind and sociable natures, and compliant, willing temperaments--the best examples​ of the crossbred horse.
We are horsepeople and have enjoyed a number of equine disciplines.  We intend to offer to others the same type of quiet-minded horse​ that we have had the pleasure of owning ourselves.

Have a Look

We are proud that our horses have been successful in many different disciplines while becoming favorites of their new owners, too.
​See what we have to offer, and if we can answer any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.